For sustainable tourism in Champagne

Fair and solidarity tourism brings together the forms of tourism that put the man and the encounter at the center of the journey and which are part of a logic of territorial development. The involvement of local populations in the various phases of the tourism project, respect for the individual, cultures and nature and a more equitable distribution of the resources generated are the foundations of this type of tourism.

In early 2013, the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) launched an international “Green Passport” campaign aimed at guiding tourists towards a responsible holiday choice.

The tourism professionals at ESCAPADE EN CHAMPAGNE have the ambition to develop this initiative throughout the region by developing a “win-win” partnership approach with consumers.

It is a question of favoring the direct relation between the travelers and the professionals of the territory, without the intermediary of the central booking websites. As a result, the service provider ensures its profitability while offering the best value for money and by personally involving itself in a relationship of trust.